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African Visual Artists Associates (AVIAS)

African Visual Artists Associates (AVIAS) is working with creative young people in schools and communities for the advancement of education in different visual art forms through initiation, development, delivery, and promotion of workshops, symposia, exhibitions and publications to champion change.

African Visual Artists Associates is a creative youth centered organization focusing on community transformation and youth empowerment creativity and innovation with emphasis on climate change, tourism and behavioral change through art and culture.

Each of AVIAS programs, campaigns, workshops, symposia or exhibitions is tailored to impact education, creativity, innovation, change and sustainability in regards to art and culture, climate change, cultural tourism etc. .

Our Mission

To empower young people in Uganda and beyond with creative knowledge and information which will enable them contribute to positive change within themselves and their communities for self-sustainability.

Our Vision

For young people to use creativity for change through empowerment and sustainability.

Our Core Values
  • Transparency
  • Team Work
  • Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

Make an impact.
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Our Projects


Our newspaper lays a foundation for a greener, fairer & wiser future for all. This is full of articles written experts artists young people and participants in our activities as we promote environmental sustainability within the global south through arts culture.

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Engaging students in climate action is vital for creating a sustainable future. By incorporating climate change into the curriculum, providing real-life experiences, and leveraging technology, we can empower students to become agents of change.

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Refugee situation urgently requires closer examination, youth and children policies addressing their needs must be devised, considering their difficult past experiences and their often insecure or instable situation in host countries, including emotional, social, and economic challenges.

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The great imagining Africa podcast is an initiative of the great imagining Africa and African visual artists associates that is focusing on extending exchange of ideas and conversation about the planetary and ecological emergency in African schools and communities in Uganda and beyond.

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Flying rivers flying again” is a program that aims to introduce the phenomenon of the flying rivers through films created in collaboration between students from Brazil and Uganda.

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About Volunteering

volunteering on our organization can be a rewarding and enriching experience for young and partial age actionists researchers, innovators and creatives offering numerous benefits beyond just the service provided to our organization itself.

Our Team

Hikimah Ssembatya

Founder, Team lead at culture declares emergency Uganda.

“Culture can play an active role in the transition to greener and more local economies, helping people gain a ‘sense of place’ and feel able to imagine possible futures.and Promote Bioregionalism as an alternative frame to growth-obsessed nationalism.“

Kiwanuka Dennis

Founding Partner

"As a Founding Partner, I am committed to fostering a culture of creativity and empowerment within AVIAS. Our vision drives us to empower young people through art and innovation, fostering positive change in our communities."

Brian Munyanganizi

Managing Director

"As the Managing Director, I am dedicated to fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence within AVIAS. By upholding our core values of transparency, teamwork, and integrity, I ensure that every endeavor we undertake aligns with our mission to empower young people for self-sustainability through creativity and innovation."

Nasirumbi Martha

"In my role as Projects Coordinator, I strive to orchestrate impactful initiatives that align with AVIAS's core values of diversity and innovation. By coordinating workshops, symposia, and exhibitions, we catalyze positive change and creativity in our communities."

Majala Hasan


" I am dedicated to steering our organization towards its vision of using creativity for change. With integrity at the forefront, we champion initiatives that empower young people and foster sustainability."

Clinton Mugisha

IT Lead

"I spearhead the integration of technology to enhance our educational programs and promote creativity. By leveraging digital tools, we empower youth to address issues like climate change and cultural preservation through art and innovation. Together, we're driving positive change, one byte at a time"

Namulinde Daghan

Climate change and Environmental consultant 

"As the Climate Change and Environmental Consultant, my role at AVIAS is to integrate environmental consciousness into our programs and initiatives. Through innovation and collaboration, we harness the power of art and culture to address pressing environmental issues."

Nsubuga Samuel


"I am deeply committed to AVIAS's mission of youth empowerment and community transformation. Through transparent leadership and a dedication to teamwork, we strive to create lasting positive change in Uganda and beyond."

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